The mission of the BNP is to make known the divine message of salvation to all people through retreat classes and apostolic work. The members of the BNP share a unified spiritual experience through the Holy Spirit’s special and unmerited grace culminating in a complete transformation of their lives—from a life of sinfulness to holiness, from doubt to certainty, from ignorance to faith, from indifference to a loving and faithful commitment to live under the grace of God.


One of the goals of the Banal Na Pag-aaral is to bring the people into the fold of the church by opening their minds and hearts and making them aware of their basic Catholic duties and doctrines, and encouraging them to lead a truly Christian life thereafter.


Through its countless retreats, the Banal Na Pag-aaral has touched the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Many who have experienced and accepted the loving grace of God through the BNP have willingly and faithfully followed the mission ever since, changing their lives and, in turn, becoming true examples of what the love of God can do for all of us.

Although the majority of BNP members are found in the United States and the Philippines, chapters all around the world continue to flourish. Brothers and sisters in Australia, Canada (Toronto and Windsor), and all throughout Europe have ensured the growth of the BNP movement by remaining strong pillars of the mission in their respective countries. Retreats in these areas have become more frequent in the recent years, a testament to the unwavering faith of our brothers and sisters in these parts.

The future of the BNP movement has also been solidified in recent years with the emergence of the Youth Ministry all over the world. These young brothers and sisters bring an excitement and enthusiasm to their service as they continue to learn about the mission. Through their own apostolate work, they give hope to the children of tomorrow, showing the world that we are never too young to live a life with God.

In March 14, 1998, the BNP finally had a place to call home when the BNP House of Prayer in Ontario, California was inaugurated. Since then, the movement has also witnessed in June 2004 the construction of the BNP Shrine in Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines, and more recently in 2007, the opening of the BNP Cultural and Arts Center adjacent to the House of Prayer.